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How to make cinnamon rolls outdoors

How to make cinnamon rolls outdoors.

One of the best things the winner of Masterchef Sweden 2020, Sofia Henriksson, knows is cooking and baking outdoors. "It doesn't have to be very complicated to feel really rewarding! Together with my friends at @bergansofnorways I want to show you how to make cinnamon rolls on a backpacking gas stove outdoors! So easy and so magical. Put on your favorite hiking clothes, fill your backpack with food and join me for a hike!"


1 piece of dough, ca 400 g
50 g butter
2 tbs cinnamon
3 tbs sugar
1 dl nib sugar
Neutral oil for cooking


Mix butter, sugar and cinnamon at home and bring in a jar. When you're at your campsite, roll out the dough and fill with the already made filling. Roll together and cut in average sized pieces. Heat a fair amount of oil on the gas stove. When boiling, add the cinnamon rolls and let them cook until slightly dark on each side. Top the rolls with nib sugar. Serve with a cup of coffee!