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Warranty and Complaints

Bergans is liable for material defects in their products as part of a 2 year guarantee period. This liability refers to production and material defects which were already in existence at the time of purchase. Damage due to wear and tear or personal negligence, bleaching, incorrect care or misuse are not subject to the material defects liability. The washing and care instructions recommended by Bergans included with the products should always be followed. Please always submit your claim via the retailer from whom the product was bought and remember to include proof of purchase.

For repairs which are not processed as claims, see repairs. Clothing must be clean when sent back, as they will otherwise not be accepted and will be sent back, and the costs for this billed to the customer.

Need help? Call us at +47 32 25 25 00

If you bought the item in a shop, it must be delivered there for a claim.

Other countries:

We refer to the individual country's guidelines and ask you to contact the store where you bought the garment for further handling of the complaint.

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