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How to choose the right daypack?

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"Daypack" is an established term among hikers, but what are we really talking about and what should you consider when buying a new one?

The dictionary is clear; A "day trip" is a trip that lasts one day. And it harmonizes well with our definition of a daypack; a relatively small and light back pack, up to approx. 30 liters, for trips without accommodation.

Now, you might think things are pretty obvious when it comes to the size and function of a daypack. Think again. Daypacks are our largest category of bags with items in sizes from 4 to 32 litres, so there is a lot to choose from. Whether you are buying a new or second hand bag it is always a good idea to find out these three things before you start your search:

  • How long is your back?
  • How big a volume do you really need?
  • What kind of use are you aiming for?

Back length?

For a bag to be comfortable to carry, it must fit your body perfectly. If the backpack has the wrong back length, it will be difficult to adjust it correctly to the rest of your body. Most bags of a certain quality are marked with the back length and more and more now also come with an adjustable back. If you are wondering how to measure your back, take a look here:

Size and volume?

Once you know your back length, you should ask yourself; How much carrying capacity do I really need? Here you need to think a little about what kind of trips you enjoy the most. If you like to carry as light as possible and move quickly, you should stick to the smaller sizes, from 3 to approx. 20 litres.

If you are more of a slow paced person who likes to enjoy good food and drink on a blanket when your are out, you naturally need more space and can aim for a size between 20 and 40 litres.

DID YOU KNOW that we offer custom women's backpacks which are specially shaped for female anatomy? They all have a "W" in the product name.


What you will use the pack for has everything to do with which details and functions you will benefit from. A backpack for fast activities differs a lot from a backpack designed for classic outdoor life. Where a classic backpack is robust and packed with features and details, backpacks for higher activity levels are more specialized towards one type of use. They are also often lighter in weight.

The Y LightLine Fastpack 1-24 is an example of a daypack that is exclusively designed for the fastest trips. Our [Driv](/en/Gear/Backpacks/Backpack collections/Driv) packs are also made for speed. The [Vengetind](/en/Gear/Backpacks/Backpack collections/Vengetind) and [Rondane](/en/Gear/Backpacks/Backpack collections/Rondane) are more versatile and suit a wider range of activities.

Looking for a [commuter pack](/en/Gear/Backpacks/Everyday packs) ? Check these out!

A very last tip before you start the hunt for your dream backpack is that you MUST remember to fill it with weight when you try it on. Only a well-filled pack will give you a correct impression of how it feels on the body.

Good luck!

Some of our favourites

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a backpack do I need?

Which backpack size you need will vary depending on the trip you are going on. When you are going on a day trip, a backpack of up to 35 liters will fit nicely. For a weekend trip, a backpack of up to 65 liters is recommended, or if you're going on a longer trip, a pack of up to 110 liters is best suited.

How heavy backpack can I carry?

How heavy a bag you should carry is based on your gender, body weight and shape. A general rule is that the backpack should not weigh more than 1/3 of your own body weight, provided you are in good shape. If you are not in good shape, ¼ of your body weight should be maximum.

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