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The product's life cycle – our social responsibility

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We in Bergans are passionate about people being outside, enjoying nature and experiencing the joy of hiking. Today and in the future. In order to ensure that future generations will also enjoy fresh air and clean nature, we have committed ourselves to increasing our efforts even further.

Bergans lives to let people experience the outdoors. Today and in the future. To ensure that the outdoors we have today will be there for the next generation to enjoy, Bergans is committed to step up efforts, by inspiring actions in our own operations and beyond.

Our responsibility covers all from product development with design and material selection, production and transport, to the user phase and even further when a product gets repaired, resold, redesigned or recycled.

Learn more about the different parts of a products life cycle and what we do to take our responsibility and to increase product lifetime - as one of the most important measures to reduce the environmental impact.

Believe in tomorrow - explore today

More sustainable products

We work to use and develop increasingly sustainable materials. We ensure responsible use of natural resources, animal welfare and innovation in our design processes.

More sustainable and fair value chain

We are very keen to have a sustainable and responsible business practice throughout our value chain. Our overall goal is to contribute to positive development in local communities where we operate. Therefore, we work to ensure decent working conditions and labor and human rights, as well as that we continuously explore more sustainable production methods and look at how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from production.

More sustainable consumption

We work to contribute to a green shift and a more circular economy in our industry. In collaboration with our customers, we extend the life of our products by offering services such as repair, collection and reuse, redesign and rental.

More sustainable outdoor life

We work to inspire and facilitate sustainable nature and hiking experiences. We do this through the travel agency "Bergans Adventures" and in collaboration with our partners and local communities.