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We work to contribute to a green shift and a more circular economy in our industry. In collaboration with our customers, we extend the life of our products by offering services such as repair, collection and reuse, redesign and rental.

Long live the product!

The longer hiking clothing and equipment are in use, the smaller the total climate footprint of the products becomes. That is why good quality is so important. And that is why we are so happy to repair products. We also collect outdoor noise that is not used and give it a new life by selling it used or giving it to someone who needs it. If the garment is completely worn out, we sew it into something exciting or make sure to recycle it in the right way. We also rent out products - which can be a good solution for products you rarely use or for a short period of time. And we give our customers good tips and advice on the correct washing and maintenance of the products, so that they can live as long as possible. For us, all textiles are a resource.

We make a living by developing and selling products to be used outside. Therefore, we want to contribute as much as we can to preserve nature and our beautiful seasons for both present and future hiking-loving generations.

We also rent out products to all those who do not need to own them. And we work actively to give consumers good tips and advice on correct washing and maintenance of the products, so that they last as long as possible. Long live the product!

Find the right product

In order to use a Bergans product for a long time, you have to enjoy it. It is important that you choose the right product for your use. This way you avoid being left with products that are rarely used. It does not help either you or the environment!

We are happy to help you find a product with the right functionality and fit for you. The key to that is good product information, which you get in our stores and which you can find on our product pages here. If there is anything you are wondering about beyond that, please get in touch. Our sewing room in Oslo as well as at our head office also offers personal customization of some garments.


We humans change. Do you feel that a Bergans product does not fit as it once did? Or have you found a new pair of dream trousers that are too long? In our sewing room you will find experienced professionals who can adapt the vast majority of Bergans products to your needs and wishes. They can add up, down, out and in. The gain is a product that you will love and that will live much longer - long live the product. Systua

Washing, maintenance and storage

In order for your Bergans product to last a long time, it is good to take good care of it - here are our tips!

Product rental

We want our products to be in use and create walking pleasure for as many people as possible. Our arrangement for product rental means that more people can enjoy the same Bergans product. The product is also used more frequently, which means that the product's useful value is increased throughout its lifetime.

Renting equipment can be a great solution for those who don't go on trips very often, have growing children or for those who want to test a product in practice before buying it. Good for you and good for the environment.

Visit our flagship store at the City Hall in Oslo to rent. NB! Limited selection. Feel free to call and ask the store in advance.

Certain DNT cabins and other tour destinations also hire out Bergans equipment:


We always focus on developing high-quality products that have a long life, while at the same time extending the life of the products by repairing them in our own sewing room.

Before, it was a matter of course to repair all types of clothing and equipment with faults and defects. In Bergans, we have kept the tradition going right up until today. Experienced professionals work in our sewing room to repair major and minor damage to all types of Bergans products. The repairs provide a major environmental benefit in the form of an increased lifespan for the product.

Get your products repaired here.

On the way to repair

The sewing room for Bergans has got wheels! We are on a trip to repair holey down jackets and hiking pants with troublesome tears for hiking-loving Norwegians.

We do this because we want to focus on the importance of extending the lifespan of products and to create commitment around more sustainable consumption in Norway.

Follow our Facebook page or the link below to find out where we'll be traveling with our car next time!

Tour de Sy

Pawn used hiking clothes

When you pledge hiking clothes or equipment that you no longer use with us, we ensure that they have a longer life. Fill in the form that you can find in the link, and we will send you a discount code by e-mail, as well as a deposit bag if you have not already received this. You can use the discount in our stores in Oslo, at Ski Storsenter, in Tromsø, as well as here at bergans.com. It cannot be used on items that have already been discounted. You send the deposit bag back to us or deliver directly to one of our stores. We hope you will take the time to answer a few questions about what you are pledging. This will give us valuable input that we will use to improve our products and services.

Order a deposit bag at home in the post

Used sales

At Bergans, we want our products to be in use for as long as possible. A long service life means less environmental impact and limited consumption of water, energy and chemicals.

In our department for reuse in the flagship store in Oslo, you will find fully functional products that have been used, repaired or for other reasons cannot be sold as ordinary goods. We call them Turvenner. When you buy a turvenn product, you are helping to give it a longer outdoor life. The products have been outside on a winter night before, and have of course been cleaned and approved for new adventures.


When a product has lost its function, we use the materials and sew it into another type of product. The products are currently only on sale in our flagship store in Oslo.

Redesign products are made from either a product that has lost its function, parts from a product that is damaged or destroyed, or residual materials from production and repair.

A redesigned product must always have a useful function. We at Bergans regard all textiles as a resource. Remember that worn textiles should never be thrown in the residual waste.

Reuse and recycling

When a product can no longer be repaired, sold as used or remade into a different type of product, we ensure that the materials are handled in a responsible manner. Remember that textiles should not go in the residual waste!

Bergans collaborates with the organization UFF, which collects, recycles, sells and distributes textiles for charitable purposes. We send all complaints and garments that are unsuitable for sale or sewing to UFF. This way the clothes get new life instead of going to waste.

Bergans X Esmod

The collaboration between Bergans and the fashion school Esmod, "Re:Dux", started in 2018, when we wanted to showcase green fashion in connection with Black Friday in November.

The design students received 250 used products from Bergans, and redesigned them into spectacular fashion garments that were presented at a fashion show on Black Friday. The collaboration gives Bergan inspiration from creative students, and it gives the students an opportunity to test their skills with completely new materials and redesigns.

In 2019, we repeated the success of green fashion in connection with Black Friday, together with our then ambassador Ingrid Bergtun. And we reused the fashion show at the Climate Festival at SALT in Oslo in 2020. In 2020, we held Re:Dux for the third year in a row. New this year was that the students received redesign assignments with specific themes and trends. The corona situation meant that we had to rethink. Fashion show was replaced by a photo shoot with an art photographer.

The textile action

We achieve more together than individually!

The textile action is a unique and interdisciplinary collaboration between actors within the Norwegian fashion and textile industry, new clothing concepts, environmental organizations and textile recyclers.

The textile action saw the light of day in 2015, as a charity for increased reuse and recycling of textile waste. Bergans has participated since 2016.

The overall goal of the textile action is to get textiles to be used twice as many times by 2024, so that the textiles and the world will have a longer life. Read more at Tekstilaksjonen.no