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People in our value chain

People in our value chain

Through our many years as a member of Ethical Trade Norway, Bergans has committed itself to working actively on due diligence assessments and to securing a sustainable business practice that respects people, society, animal welfare and the environment. This applies both within our own organization and throughout the supplier chain. We expect our suppliers and partners to do the same.

By performing due diligence assessments, we will be better able to stop, prevent or limit negative consequences for basic human rights and decent working conditions to which our company can be directly or indirectly linked.

About due diligence assessments

Due diligence assessments are considered the international gold standard for good social responsibility. These build on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) and OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct.

Due diligence assessments are a method that all member companies of Ethical Trade Norway have committed to use. The method involves six steps (see image) where we as a company must conduct our own risk surveys of negative impacts on humans, animals, society and the environment, and stop, prevent and reduce such impacts. The measures must be monitored and their effects must be communicated to those affected. Where our activities cause or contribute to a negative impact on people, society or the environment, we will stop this activity and seek to repair the damage. Where the supplier is responsible for the negative impact/damage, that supplier is also responsible for recovery.

About due diligence assessments

Policy for sustainable business practice

Together with our Code of Conduct for Suppliers, our “Policy for Sustainable Business Practice” forms the basis for our work relating to sustainability in our value chain. The policy sets out our approach to due diligence assessments, which is a risk-based approach to respecting and safeguarding people, society and the environment within our own organization and throughout the supplier chain.

Download our Policy for Sustainable Business Practice

Norwegian (PDF) | English (PDF)

Ethical trade Norway Logo

Ethical trade Norway

Bergans has been a member of Ethical Trade Norway since 2009. Ethical Trade Norway is a member organization and a resource center for sustainable trade. The purpose is to promote responsible business practices in supply chains so that trade contributes to safeguarding human and employee rights, society and the environment.

As a member, we receive good advice about our work to follow up our own value chain by a personal advisor. We also enhance our skills through various courses and seminars, and also have access to good tools and templates. In addition, the Ethical Trade Norway network represents a valuable source for partnerships with other operators in the industry. Together, we are stronger in meeting the challenges we face and have better opportunities to make improvements when we work together.

We report annually to Ethical Trade Norway on our work relating to due diligence assessments in the value chain.
Download our annual report (PDF)
Confirmation of basic level achieved (PDF)

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Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers forms the basis for our partnerships with our suppliers. The guidelines set out requirements regarding employment and human rights, HSE and building safety, the handling of chemicals, corruption and animal welfare. The Code of Conduct was drawn up in cooperation with Ethical Trade Norway and is based on internationally recognized standards such as the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO core Conventions.

All our suppliers must sign to confirm they have received and understand the content of our Code of Conduct, which is a prerequisite for approval as a new Bergans supplier. We always visit potential suppliers before entering into agreements with them. We follow up the requirements set out in the Code of Conduct both through factory inspections and through a dialog and joint improvement programs with our suppliers. We have worked with most of our suppliers for many years. We believe that a long-term partnership based on respect and trust provides the best basis for achieving improvements for both people and the environment.

Download our Code of Conduct for Suppliers (PDF)

Training regarding fundamental rights

Bergans aims to help bring about improvements at the factories which manufacture our products. A key prerequisite for improvements is that the workers at the factory are aware of their rights and that there is a good dialog between the workers and the management at the factory (social dialog). Bergans has therefore entered into a collaboration with QuizRR, a Swedish company which provides training regarding fundamental rights at factories. Three of our factories in China are participating in this, and 1,375 workers have so far completed a total of 6,703 training programs concerning employment rights. We are now planning to expand the training program to include additional factories.

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Our suppliers

Our supply chains are often long and complex, extending all the way from raw materials to finished product. Here, you can view a list of our suppliers and their factories.

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