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More sustainable and fair value chain

We work hard to protect the environment and secure human and labour rights throughout our supply chain. Our aim is to contribute to a positive development for communities where we operate.

Ethical Trading Initiative logo

Ethical Trading Initiative

Bergans has been a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (IEH) since 2009. The organisation now called Ethical Trade Norway is a resource center and a driving force for ethical trade. Its goal is to strengthen its members’ work through the promotion of acceptable working and environmental conditions throughout the supplier chain.

Our membership in Ethical Trade Norway obliges us to adopt a Code of Conduct (CoC) that comprises a number of principles. Ethical Trade Norway monitors and verifies that our CoC complies with its requirements, and also assists us with courses, templates and tips for monitoring our suppliers. The network provides us with excellent opportunities to collaborate with other industry players. There are now several of us working together, boosting our level of impact and improving our chances of success.

Each year we submit a report on our ethical trade initiatives to Ethical Trade Norway. Feel free to download a copy of our report here if you would like more detailed information on what we do: IEH report

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct (CoC) describes the basic principles for our business cooperation with our suppliers. It contains everything from human and labour rights, workers safety, to chemical regulations, animal welfare or intellectual property rights.

All suppliers must sign to indicate that they have received and understood the content of our Code of Conduct (CoC), which is also the basis for being approved as a new Bergans supplier.

Our policies on how we do business are laid down in our CoC. Our CoC is based on internationally recognized principles such as the UN’s human rights and the ILO’s conventions.

We follow up on the requirements in our Code of Conduct through factory audits, in dialogue with our suppliers and through improvement programs together with them.

Download our Code of Conduct COC

Our suppliers and manufacturers

Bergans does not have any production facilities of its own, but uses subcontractors who are experts in manufacturing items such as backpacks or clothing. These manufacturers are our most important partners. Long-term relationships and good dialogue are important elements of our work with the supply chain.

List of suppliers and manufacturers


Our garments are high-tech and subject to strict performance requirements. Chemicals are an essential part of the production of these fabrics, while we must have control over these chemicals used in the production and subsequent treatment of our products.

More on chemicals

Climate Action

The apparel & textiles industry contributes significantly to global warming. The planet is warming way too fast. It’s time for action. It’s time for industry innovation. It’s time for Scandinavian leadership. That’s how STICA was born – the Swedish Textile Initiative on Climate Action. Bergans is one of its founding members and working towards clear goals on emissions reduction.

The global apparel and textiles industry produce a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) thereby contributing to global warming. The latest analyses estimate our contribution to be anywhere between 2% and 10% of global GHG emissions — and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation claims that if we continue with business-as-usual our industry could be responsible for 26% of the global carbon budget by 2050. In other words, our industry’s negative impact on the climate will continue to increase substantially.

A majority of our industry’s GHG emissions are generated within raw material production, supply chain processing and assembly, and in customer product care and end of life disposal. Because these impacts are outside the direct control of any single company, all actors, including brands and retailers, need to work together and engage with suppliers, governments, financial organizations and consumers if we are to make a difference.

The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action aims for supporting apparel and textile companies operating in both Scandinavian and international markets to set science-based targets and reduce their greenhouse gases in line with 1.5 C warming pathway, as outlined by the United Nations Framework on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement. We will also go further, ensuring we exceed this goal by becoming climate positive.

Eco-Lighthouse certification

Eco-Lighthouse certification

We are proud that Bergans headquarters meet the requirements and is officially recognized by the Eco-Lighthouse. Eco-Lighthouse is Norway’s most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility.

Eco-Lighthouse is a Norwegian certification scheme that places specific demands on our environmental work and sets specific quantifiable targets. As an Eco-Lighthouse-approved company, we meet the requirements related to working environment, energy consumption, procurement and material consumption, waste management, transport, and greenhouse emissions. Bergans is approved by a public certification authority, and the certificate is valid for 3 years at a time. This scheme is supported and recommended by the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment.

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