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Washing, maintenance and storage of Bergans products

In order for your Bergans product to last longer, it's a good idea to look after it. Here are our tips!

Before washing, decide whether your garment really needs to be washed or whether it would be sufficient to remove stains or simply air it. Wool in particular is better to air than wash if you only want to remove odor. Each washing of clothes consumes water and energy. Wash only full loads in order to save money and detergent and spare the environment!

Remove stains as soon as you discover them. It is easier to remove new stains and it also means you will know what caused them.

All products have care instructions and it is important that these are followed to achieve a satisfying result. We always mark the garments with the highest allowed washing temperature. However, you are always welcome to choose a lower temperature in order to save energy.

Separate the laundry - wash similar colors together.

Close all zips and turn the garment inside out.

Use the correct amount of detergent! For best results, avoid using excessive laundry detergent, as this makes it more difficult to rinse items clean. Find out if you have hard or soft water in your local area and comply with your detergent’s dosage recommendations. Soft water does not require as much detergent as hard water. Wool and down must be washed in enzyme-free detergent. Other fabrics may be washed with an ordinary detergent. Use of eco-labeled detergent is recommended.

None of our products need fabric softener. Fabric softener is not only an unnecessary expense, but also contributes to the unnecessary use of chemicals.

When the garment is not in use, close all zips and hang it in a safe place. Down should not be compressed while being stored. If it is allowed to hang freely it will retain its loft and great properties better..

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