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Our model is 179 cm tall and is wearing size S
ISPO AwardUnisex

Stranda V2 Insulated Anorak

Unisex size: Women are recommended to choose a smaller size.
Dry, warm and comfortable all day with relaxed fit
Adjustment possibilities at hood and cuffs, with under arm ventilation
100% recycled 2-layer fabric with PFAS-free WR, and 100 % recycled PrimaLoft®
This is a product catalog, purchasing is currently available in Norway, Sweden and Germany.
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A sustainable and repairable alpine skiing jacket made from recycled materials.
Water protection
Withstands moderate rain
Wind proof
Full wind protection
Good breathability
For moderate activity levels


The Stranda V2 Insulated Anorak is an upgrade of our cherished Stranda Anorak launched in 2018. It was a tough task, but we have managed to up the game a notch when it comes to sustainable materials and design methods for the V2. It is “design to repair” which means that it is constructed in a way that makes it easier to repair if the product somehow gets damaged. Stranda V2 Insulated Unisex Anorak is based on a mono material concept, meaning its different fabrics and parts are made from the same raw material, in this case almost all parts are made of polyester. This makes it easier to recycle when it is worn out. This product is simply a better resource into the circular system, than a prod ... uct made of mixed raw material. The anorak is still perfect for just about any alpine skiing activity both on and off the piste. The classic anorak feel is absolutely retained, while several multi-function details adds a modern and technical feel to it. The high collar protects you in harsh weather and can also be expanded for increased ventilation when you get hot. The ventilation zippers also make it easy to regulate the temperature when the heat is pumping. One of the zippers is actually going all the way down order to make it easier to take the garment on and off. Smart! An extra insulated pocket inside the front pocket is designed to keep your smartphone temperate, functional and ready for use when you need it. The Bergans Element Active® membrane is windproof, waterproof (water column: min. 10 000 mm) and breathable, and 100 % Recycled PrimaLoft® P.U.R.E.™ Insulation will keep you warm and comfy. NB! Because this is a unisex model, we recommend that women step one size down from their normal size. If you want an "oversized look", you may choose your normal size.
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Made for

  1. Ski


Sizes: XXS–XXL (Because this is a unisex model, we recommend that women drop down one size from their normal size. If you want an oversized look, choose your normal size)

Fit: Unisex

Padding: PrimaLoft® P.U.R.E.™: 100% Polyester (Recycled)

Padding weight: 60 gr/m2

Weight: 780 g

Material: 2-layer Bergans Element Active®: 100% Polyester (Recycled)

Fabric details: 2-layer Bergans Element Active® with PFAS-free WR. Waterproof (water column: min. 10,000 mm), windproof and breathable properties. Fabric is made from 100% recycled polyester and colored with SpinDye®-technology. Padded with insulating PrimaLoft® P.U.R.E.™. The product contains bluesign® APPROVED insulation and trimmings.

Stranda V2 Insulated Anorak is part of our Stranda range – Our most sustainable ski collection. The entire Stranda collection is made from one yarn, spun from post-consumer waste and colored through the unique SpinDye® process where the use of water and chemicals is significantly reduced. This gives us less consumption of energy during production and leaves the end product with a smaller carbon footprint. By combining the more sustainable Spindye®-coloring method and our wide experience in skiwear, we believe we have found the optimal blend of performance and long-term awesomeness!

Hood: Helmet-compatible, fixed hood. One-hand adjustment options at the rear of the hood and concealed adjustment in front. Expandable, high collar with snap button, for improved ventilation and comfort.

Pockets: Large, zippered front pockets, small insulated inner pocket inside one of the front pockets, and ski pass pocket on the sleeve. The design ensures that front pockets do not interfere with hip belt when carrying a backpack.

Ventilation: Underarm zip vents. On one side the zipper runs all the way down, to facilitate easy taking on and off.

Additional features: Snowskirt. Articulated elbows for increased freedom of movement. Tailored cuffs with Velcro. One-hand elastic drawstring at hem. No shoulder and side seams for less friction and chafing. Straight athletic fit with extended back panel.


  1. Solution Dye
  2. PFAS-free

Solution Dye

Solution Dyeing is a more sustainable coloring method which reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional dyeing processes. By adding the color pigments much earlier in the production process the use of water and chemicals is significantly reduced, which in turn means less energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. For traditional dyeing methods the fiber is produced first and then the color is added much later in the process. This requires a lot of water and chemicals, which means energy and water consumption is much higher. Solution dyeing means adding the color pigment earlier in the manufacturing process, when the polyester is just little pellets. Once these pellets are colored, they are melted and turned into fibers, which are then spun into yarn. According to our supplier We aRe Spindye® their method of coloring reduces water usage by 75%, chemical usage by 90%, energy consumption by 25% and CO2 emissions by 30% compared to traditional dyeing. These claims have been audited and validated by Swedish research organization RISE.

Read more here SpinDye.com


All our products marked with the PFAS-free logo use a water repellent treatment that is free of PFAS substances.

PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) is a group of more than 10.000 substances also known as fluorocarbons. They build up in nature as they do not degrade. In greater concentrations, they are proven to pose a hazard to both human health and the environment.

PFAS has been common to use for the so-called “Durable Water Repellent” finish (DWR): It means that water bounces off the surface rather than being absorbed by the fabric and making it wet. Using PFAS has been an effective treatment to achieve a durable water repellency for waterproof fabrics, but also other applications like ski waxes or food packaging.

Since these chemicals have shown to be harmful for both people and the environment, Bergans is working to phase out all fabrics containing PFAS finish and replace with more environmentally friendly, PFAS-free treatments. All the membranes we use are already free for PFAS. You can read more on PFAS and how we work to eliminate these.

A significant part of the challenge of using alternatives to PFAS lies in the lower durability of these water repellent solutions. That means that using a waterproof garment with a PFAS-free finishing requires you to re-impregnate these more often than before, to achieve a good water-repellent functionality also over time and after many washes. Anyhow, please always consider where and when it’s necessary to reduce environmental impact.

More info on how to wash and reimpregnate.


  1. Bergans Element Active

Bergans Element Active

Fully windproof and waterproof, while providing high breathability and comfort.

Designed for moderate to high-intensity activity in extreme weather conditions

  • Wind and waterproof
  • Withstands a water column of minimum 10.000 mm
  • Moisture transportation up to 10.000 g/m²/24 hours
  • Machine washable following carelabel

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