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Spring-check your hard-shell garment

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Spring is here and winter is coming. Either you are strolling through the city or hiking in nature, a hard-shell jacket sure is a clever thing to have at hand. Here’s our checklist to prepare your weather protective garment for a new season.

1. Wash:

Unless you recently have washed it, you should consider whether the garment needs a wash. Did you know that the material's function improves when it is clean, and that the garment will last longer with regular and correct washing?

See our step-by-step instruction video on how to wash hard shell garment.

2. Re-impregnation:

After washing, you recommend you to re-impregnate the garment. Although the material has a waterproof membrane, it is the outer fabric that is the first line of defense against water and moisture. A well-impregnated outer fabric will also be easier to keep clean and tidy.

Get instructions for re-impregnation here.

3. Check taped seams

A shell garment is both wind and waterproof, but not in the seams. If you look at the inside of your garment, you will discover that all seams are therefore taped, or welded as it is also called, on the back. This is done to avoid leakage in the seams.

After a period of use and wear, this tape can loosen, and the garment will no longer be completely waterproof. Therefore, check that the tape fits properly on all seams, especially in extra exposed places such as on the hood, shoulders, and upper part of the back.

4. Repair?

If you find loose tape, you can send the garment in for repair at our sewing room. This will be a quick and easy fix. Systua can also repair the vast majority of other damage to products, so if you have a jacket that is not being used due to a broken zip or other faults, this can most likely be repaired and the garment can continue to be used. Send it in to our sewing room!

Read more about our repair service here.

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