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10 tips for hammock enthusiast

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If you haven't spent the night in a hammock before, you should try it. Waking up to sunrise and experiencing nature up close from the edge of your bed is magical.

Here are 10 quick tips for hammock freshers. Hopefully they can help you have a comfortable and safe experience:

  1. Remember the hammock and suspension rope.

  2. Bring a mosquito net if you have one.

  3. A sleeping pad or a skin trap does the trick. A little warmth in the back and that the bottom becomes a little wider.

  4. Plan your trip to a place where you know there are nice trees that you can use. 4-5 meters between the trees is fine.

  5. Feel free to take any wind conditions into account. More wind means more rocking (which can be delicious in itself).

  6. Pack clothes and sleeping bag according to the weather. It can get chilly at night.

  7. Sleep with layers of woolen underwear in the sleeping bag. A thin woolen hat on the head is also advisable.

  8. What about precipitation? No problem. Pull up a tarp and you have a great roof over your head.

  9. Bring some delicious food and drink that you can prepare in a storm kitchen or campfire (check against possible campfire bans).

    Sleep well!

That's how quickly you can set up a hammock and tarp:

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