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  • ""Personlig velkomsttilbud
  • ""Hver måned trekker vi ut en vinner til månedens produkt
  • ""I tillegg er du med i trekningen av utstyr for 10 000,- flere ganger i året
  • ""Du mottar våre nyheter og kampanjer som en av de første – direkte i din innboks
  • ""Dine kvitteringer fra kjøp i alle våre butikker samlet på min side



Photo: Hans Kristian Krogh-Hanssen

Our skilled staff will be pleased to repair your Bergans product. We can replace zips, patch rips and tears and fix the loops on your pack and more. At Bergans we want to ensure that our products give you many years of enjoyment. Our repair service, the Outdoor Service Team, is happy to play an important part in this if needed - great for both you and the environment!

The skilled staff in this clothing repair team may be able to repair damage from wear and tear and several years of use, and which your tailor is unable to repair. They can sew in new zips (where possible in their original color, otherwise in another suitable color), fix tears, repair faulty backpack straps and much more. Please send the product directly to the Outdoor Service Team. You can find the address and other information on the return procedure at

You can also return the item to the shop you bought it from.Please wash the product before sending it back. Our website contains several useful tips on product care. Products which have not been washed are sent back and the costs for this billed to the customer. We are unable to repair products that are heavily worn and soiled. The repair prices depend on the work required, however you will receive a cost estimate before any work is done, and no repair work will be carried out until you have agreed to this. Depending on season, the processing time will be around 2 to 4 weeks.


You may obtain small spare parts such as e.g. zips and accessories, velcro straps, backpack buckles or tent poles from your dealer or by our Customer Service. Please contact our Customer Service for exact pricing.

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