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Y MountainLine 40 Daypack

Advanced, lightweight and robust

An advanced, lightweight and robust all-mountain pack designed with a special attention towards versatility and adaptability. In our research for this pack several experienced mountaineers told us that they didn't need another item in their already vast collection of daypacks. They wanted one pack that worked for all their mountain activities - all year round.

A pack you can tailor to adapt any adventure in any condition

Customize it to a light, small and fast pack or a fully rigged avalanche pack. It may look simple on the outside, but appearances are deceiving. The clean exterior is the result of a meticulous design process aiming to save weight and reduce the number of stitches to a minimum to ensures the best possible waterproofing. Rolltop closure makes quick and easy to adapt the size of the pack to your needs. With the full back opening you will get free access and superb overview on your equipment.

The top cover is multi-functional and has a large and spacious pocket. Detach it from the top and install it as an extra organizer inside the main compartment, or as a super convenient chest pocket attached to the harness.

A deep dive into the product development process, functions and features on the brand new Bergans Y MountainLine 40 Daypack with Safeback SBX, with Safeback CEO, Tor Berge and Senior Designer at Bergans, Johannes Flem.

Safeback SBX

Safeback SBX is an active air supply system designed to keep avalanche and tree well victims breathing during burial. The system uses the air in the snowpack as the victim’s air supply, continuously pumping it up through an intake in the backpack and delivering it through hoses in the shoulder straps. The system is activated using a T-shaped handle on the shoulder strap and supplies breathable air for 90 minutes.

Snow is composed of two key ingredients: ice and air. But for avalanche victims, much of the air in the snowpack isn't available to breathe. Safeback SBX is designed to continuously retrieve fresh air from the snowpack surrounding the user's backpack, delivering it up to their breathing area. This supplies them with fresh air to inhale and pushes the CO2 they exhale away from their face.

Powered by 6 Lithium AA batteries for maximum performance at cold temperatures - lab and field tested to run for 90 minutes at -30C. Air pump optimized to provide the victim enough air to keep breathing for the maximum amount of time under the snow. Today's rescue window for avalanche victims is set at 15 minutes, where 70% of deaths are the result of suffocation. Safeback SBX provides a user-friendly defense against suffocation for 90 minutes.

The pack – with or without Safeback SBX

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