Ruffen – For the original exploreres
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Bergans’ approach to development of kids apparel and gear is exactly the same as for adult explorers; to design and build the very best equipment! The Ruffen collection is no exception, in fact it’s our most advanced and durable kids-collection ever. On the Ruffen products every little detail is carefully considered and rated against our goal to create products that make kids want to move and play, who follows their motions perfectly, withstand extreme constraints and be repaired so that it can be used by several children.



Designed for tough use

Kids are real adventurers. Nothing can stop them from explore their surroundings (at least not the fact that their clothes get worn out from it). It is quite a challenge to track down materials that are durable, yet soft and comfortable enough for kids’ outerwear. We have tested numbers of materials and fabrics, and believe we have put together the optimal combination on the Ruffen products.

The knees on pants and coveralls are maybe the most exposed spots. To reinforce these areas, we have made use of an exceptional fabric called, Superfabric™. This has really high durability and is specially designed for everything from extreme applications to rugged daily usage. The Superfabric™ has been used in products like motorcycle apparel, work boots arm guards, bus seats, and car interior such as in the Ferrari 599 GTB.