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Vi har fått nye nettsider. Har du handlet av oss før må du trykke på glemt passord for å få tilgang til mine sider. Har du ikke handlet av oss før må du først registere deg.

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Collections – Fløyen – Fast Hiking

With a constant focus on sustainable design, Fløyen is all about light weight, breathability and optimal fit. Whether you’re a hiker who runs or a runner who hikes, the Fløyen products will fit your needs perfectly. The highly versatile products are developed for fast moving activities on and off the beaten tracks. They hold first class functionality and feel so comfy you can’t wait to get moving. How fast or how far you go, is up to you. Fløyen will join in and support you. Enable yourself for those rapid sessions.

Fløyen is here to make you feel capable, feel ready, feel free!

Fløyen Jacket
Sol – Sommer i Norge

Fløyen Jacket

Navy / Aluminium

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