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Annelie Pompe

Annelie Pompe started sport climbing at the early age of 13, but quickly progressed to higher and longer climbs. The adventuress from Gothenburg is the one woman in the world who has been both highest and deepest without breathing apparatus. She has also climbed the "Seven Summits" – the highest mountains on each continent.

Adventurer, mountaineer and freediver
Born: 1981
Place: Sweden

An adventurer from Gothenburg, she is the one woman in the world to have climbed the highest and dived the deepest without breathing apparatus. As a mountaineer she has climbed the "Seven Summits" – the highest mountains on each continent.

As a freediver, she holds the world record in variable weight freediving with a total depth of 126 meters without oxygen. She also holds the Swedish record in freediving without flippers, with an impressive 72 meters below the ocean's surface.

"My main goal in life is to inspire people to enjoy the great outdoors. My love of nature and being outdoors is something I absolutely share with Bergans. This creates great synergies".

Annelie Pompe started sport climbing at the early age of 13, but quickly progressed to higher and longer climbs. She began studying IT in her twenties, but quickly realized that she was not inspired by the subject. She left school and moved to Dahab on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. She worked there as a diving, climbing and yoga instructor until she set the world record in freediving. Later, on a trip to Nepal, she caught her first sight of Mount Everest. She then realized that it was time to climb the mountain. She was the first Swedish woman ever to climb the North Face of Mount Everest.

Annelie keeps extremely fit and actively practices yoga and breathing techniques for both freediving and mountaineering. She can hold her breath for an incredible six minutes. She has also studied sports psychology and keeps busy working as a guide on high mountains all over the world. She also holds lectures and is writing a book about her adventures. In addition, she is a talented photographer.

Projects this season:
Guiding groups up Kilimanjaro and the peaks of Chimborazo (6,268) and Cotopaxi (5,897) in Ecuador.
She is embarking on on a climbing and paragliding expedition to Tibet.
Freediving guide in Bali.
In 2017, Annelie will embark on a mountaineering expedition to Patagonia and will also attempt to climb Mount Kanchenjunga in Nepal, the third highest mountain in the world at 8,586 meters above sea level. Find out more about Annelie on her website:

Visit Annelies website here:

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