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Fløyen Light Insulated W Jacket

This is a product catalog, purchasing is currently available in Norway, Sweden and Germany.


Ultra-lightweight, insulated jacket developed for up-tempo activities such as fast hiking. Fløyen Light Insulated Jacket is made from 100 % recycled polyamide, which makes the jacket very durable, quick-drying and wind resistant. The Clo® Eco Vivo insulation on exposed areas gives you that extra little warmth you wish for on chilly days. With a little help from the PFAS-free WR treatment the jacket is also water-repellent. To avoid frictional wear, enhance comfort and give the product a longer lifespan, the seams on the shoulder and in the sides are staggered backwards. Fløyen Light Insulated Jacket is part of our Fløyen series, a collection of highly versatile products developed for fast moving activities on and off the beaten tracks. They hold first class functionality and feel so comfy you can’t wait to get moving.

Made for

  1. Fast Hiking


Sizes: XS-XL

Fit: The fit of this garment was developed specially for use with layered clothing. This means it offers good freedom of movement, even over mid-layer garments.

Padding: Clo® Eco Vivo: 100% Polyester (90% recycled)

Padding weight: 40 gr/m2

Weight: 170 g

Material: 100% Polyamide (Recycled)

Fabric details: Ultra-lightweight, windproof and water-repellent fabric with PFAS-free WR. Fabric is made from 100% recycled polyamide and is quick-drying. Padded with insulating Clo® Eco Vivo on exposed sections. Low weight and minimal packing volume. The product contains bluesign® APPROVED fabrics and trimmings, which ensures responsible chemical handling in production.

Hood: None.

Pockets: Front pockets.

Ventilation: Breathable by construction.

Additional features: The shoulder and side seams are staggered backwards to prevent wear and tear and increase comfort when carrying a backpack. Extended back. Articulated elbows for increased freedom of movement. Elastic cuff. Reflective details. Contains recycled trimmings.


  1. Vivo Performance: Eco Insulation

Vivo Performance: Eco Insulation

Vivo Performance: Eco Insulation is a European made polyester insulation, which is developed to maintain good breathability while keeping you warm. It comprises a patented perforation with very small holes within the insulation, increasing breathability by 30 % and allowing moisture to escape, thus providing more comfort for the wearer. The holes are of a unique size: Visible enough to notice a difference but too small to allow air to circulate; they maintain the full insulation properties of the material. The small holes also provide a 4-way stretch within the insulation with a fast recovery which allows it to be combined with performance fabrics.

Vivo Performance: Eco Insulation is made in Europe from 93 % recycled fibers. The fibers are extruded from used plastic bottles and then recreated into insulation.

Polyester normally uses fossil resources for its production. By re-using existing material streams we can save fossil resources and reduce the energy demand as well as climate emissions.

The reason why mainly PET bottles are used is due to their availability and their purity in terms of material type. No other waste stream offers that big volume of basically the same identical raw material without any impurities from other material inputs. Furthermore, we can also reduce plastic waste as these material streams are being utilized again.

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