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Allround Youth Beanie

This is a product catalog, purchasing is currently available in Norway, Sweden and Germany.


Nice and comfortable knitted beanie for youth. Allround Youth Beanie is made in a more sustainable Polylana® material mix. Polylana® is an innovative fiber with characteristics similar to wool.


Sizes: One Size

Weight: 70 g

Material: 70% Polyester (35% Recycled) 30% Wool (Merino)


  1. Polylana®


Polylana® is the brand name of a low-impact fiber and an alternative for acrylic – saving water, energy and CO2 emissions.

The Polylana® fiber is an innovative synthetic low-impact product with similar characteristics as wool and acrylic. By replacing the acrylic share with the Polylana® fiber it can lower the environmental impact, by reducing the use of energy, saving water and C02 emissions during production. Compared to acrylic, the Polylana® fiber uses 76 % less energy and 85 % less water in production. CO2 emissions can be lowered with 19 %. The Polylana® fiber is 100 % traceable and certified after the Global Recycled Standard as well as Oeko-Tex Standard.

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