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Sira Lady Pants

This is a product catalog, purchasing is currently available in Norway, Sweden and Germany.


Sira are soft chino pants perfect for both every day, casual use. They are made from environment-friendly Repreve® polyester, a recycled, traceable fiber from plastic bottles.

Made for

  1. Lifestyle


Sizes: XS-XL

Weight: 320 g

Material: 76 % Cotton/22 % Repreve® Recycled Polyester/2 % Elastane (Spandex)

Fabric details: Made from environmentally-friendly Repreve® polyester, a recycled traceable fiber from plastic bottles.

Pockets: Front and back pockets.

Additional features: Belt loops.


  1. Repreve®


Repreve® is recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. Using plastic bottles to produce polyester means less consumption of non-recyclable resources and water, and reduced emissions of climate gases. Repreve® polyester has the same properties and appearance as ordinary polyester, but it is more environmentally-friendly.

The difference between ordinary recycled polyester and Repreve® recycled polyester is that Repreve® is traceable. Every single fiber has a signature called Fiberprint™, which verifies the Repreve® content in respect of quantity and certification.

We use Repreve® polyester in our T-shirts, Sira pants and shorts. Soft, comfortable garments which are helping to make a difference. Look for the Repreve® logo.

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