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Ally 15

High stability
Great loading capacity for trips and expeditions
Suitable for both rivers and flatwater paddling
This is a product catalog, purchasing is currently available in Norway, Sweden and Germany.
A versatile canoe with a curved keel line, tall bow and stern, offering stability and loading capacity. Suitability for various water conditions.


All-round canoes have a slightly curved keel line and a tall, curved bow and stern. They offer great stability and loading capacity, and are ideal for trips and expeditions. They are easy to manoeuvre in rivers and rapids, but are just as good for flatwater paddling.

Made for

  1. Hiking

Also great for

  1. Hunting
  2. Expedition


Weight: 18000 g

External dimensions, packed (HxWxD): 112x42x50 cm

This is the “classical” ALLY canoe, easy to maneuver and with high stability. The keel-line is slightly arched which makes the canoe easy to maneuver under all conditions, especially when paddling white water with technical difficulties. The canoe is made for 1-2 persons with gear, at the utmost 3 persons without gear. Large volume and high carrying capacity makes it suitable also as a family canoe. ALLY 15’ DR is splendid for fishing and its low weight makes it perfect on trips with portage. A typical all-round canoe for those who paddle under changing conditions on flat water and in rivers.

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