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Rabot Down 750

Mummy shape
This is a product catalog, purchasing is currently available in Norway, Sweden and Germany.


Warm and comfortable with responsible down! The Rabot Down 750 is a 3-season down sleeping bag developed to keep you warm through spring, summer and autumn nights out. The mummy shaped design with a roomy foot box, together with channels filled with high quality down, ensures great insulating properties. Down is the superior insulator per weight, and it easily compresses for packing. Down allows perspiration to permeate better to the outside, resulting in a comfortable night sleep. All Bergans down sleeping bags are certified with Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Sleep tight! If down is stored in compressed form, its ability to expand will degrade over time. Bergans´down sleeping bags therefore come with a large volume mesh storage bag in addition to the compression bag. • RDS Down • Box construction, high insulation ratio • Inner pocket • Compression bag.


Width at shoulders: 75 cm

Width at feet: 50 cm

T-Comfort: -7°C

T-Lim: -14°C

T-Extreme: -34°C

Down: Goose down 90/10. 750 Cuin

Weight: 1540 g

Fabric, outer: P50DR

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Rabot V2 outdoor clothing are very technical garments with a high level of comfort. The design idea behind the collection is that you should be able to be out and experience nature all year round, in all kinds of weather!

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