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Rondane Synthetic 1000

This is a product catalog, purchasing is currently available in Norway, Sweden and Germany.
Extra Warm
For extremly cold weather


Warm and comfy 3-season sleeping bag with low packing volume, high heat insulating properties and 2 practical inner pockets. Rondane Synt 1000 comes with compression sack.


Width at shoulders: 80 cm

Width at feet: 55 cm

T-Comfort: -2°C

T-Lim: -8°C

T-Extreme: -23°C

Padding weight: 1000 gr/m2

Weight: 1760 g

External dimensions, packed (HxWxD): 25,5x48cm

Fabric details: 100% Polyester, 50D Ripstop

• Low packing volume • High heat insulating properties • 2 inner pockets • Compression Bag

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