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Nordmarka Organic Cotton Print Tee Men

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Nordmarka Organic Cotton Print Tee is a lightweight and comfortable t-shirt made from 95% organic cotton. Organic cotton reduces the use of chemicals such as pesticides in cotton cultivation and does not use GMO (gen-modified) plants. This product is part of our Nordmarka Collection.

Made for

  1. Hiking


Sizes: S-XXL

Weight: 180 g

Material: 95% Cotton (Organic), 5% Elastane


  1. Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

We have used organically cultivated cotton in these products. Producing cotton organically is a more environment-friendly way of growing cotton, both in terms of the environment and for those who grow it. This cotton is cultivated without the use of hazardous chemicals.

Conventional Cotton has a high ecological impact since it uses an enormous amount of water and chemicals. Organic cotton is controlled and certified by third-party-organizations like the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Organic cotton uses less water than conventional cotton and avoids any use of pesticides and chemical fertilizer.

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