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Our model is 170 cm tall and is wearing size S/M

Y MountainLine 40 Daypack S/M w/Safeback

Daypack including full Safeback SBX avalanche rig
Advanced, lightweight and robust all-mountain pack
Rolltop closure and full back opening
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Y MountainLine 40 Daypack with Safeback SBX is designed to prolong your chance to survive an avalanche burial. The pack itself is an advanced, lightweight, and robust all-mountain pack that you can customize to your needs.


This is the full Y MountainLine 40 Daypack including full Safeback SBX avalanche rig in the custom designed lid. Safeback SBX is patented technology designed to continuously retrieve fresh air from the snowpack surrounding the user's backpack, delivering it up to their breathing area. This supplies them with fresh air to inhale and pushes the CO2 they exhale away from their face. Powered by 6 Lithium AA batteries for maximum performance at cold temperatures - lab and field tested to run for 90 minutes at -30C. Air pump optimized to provide the victim enough air to keep breathing for the maximum amount of time under the snow. Today's rescue window for avalanche victims is set at 15 minutes, where 70% of deaths are the result of suffocation. Safeback SBX provides a user-friendly defense against suffocation for 90 minutes.

Made for

  1. Ski Touring and Mountaineering


Volume: 40 L

Weight: 1955 g

Back length: 41 - 54 cm

Hip belt, length: 64 - 140 cm

Recommended pack weight, up to: 8 kg

External dimensions, packed (HxWxD): 62 x 32 x 26 cm

Attachment Points: Ice axe, Skis - A-frame

Fabric details: Nylon 66 with Dyneema® Ripstop, with PFAS free WR treatment: Avoiding harmful chemicals for water-repellent finishing. The product contains bluesign® APPROVED fabrics and trimmings; guarantees safe chemical management in production. For more information on materials and technologies, click the “technology” tab.

The pack itself is an advanced, lightweight and robust all-mountain pack designed with a special attention towards versatility and adaptability. In our research for this pack several experienced mountaineers told us that they didn't need another item in their already vast collection of daypacks. They wanted one pack that worked for all their mountain activities - all year round. So, we made Y MountainLine 40 Daypack! An item you can tailor to adapt any adventure in any condition. Customize it to a light, small and fast pack or a fully rigged avalanche pack with the SBX Technology. It may look simple on the outside, but appearances are deceiving. The clean exterior is the result of a meticulous design process aiming to save weight and reduce the number of stitches to a minimum to ensures the best possible waterproofing. Rolltop closure makes quick and easy to adapt the size of the pack to your needs. With the full back opening you will get free access and superb overview on your equipment. The top cover is multi-functional and has a large and spacious pocket. Detach it from the top and install it as an extra organizer inside the main compartment, or as a super convenient chest pocket attached to the harness. If you want an all-mountain pack that you can adapt to any trip, the Y MountainLine 40 Daypack is made just for you.

Top lid: Detachable lid, which also can be used as an extra inner pocket, or as a chest rig.

Carrying system: Snowshedding contact back construction brings the load close to the body and gives effective load transfer, Y silicon grip, makes the pack stay steady on your back. Dynamic harness, automatically adjusting to the user's shoulder shape.

Pack: Roll top allowing flexible volume, in addition full back panel entry to main compartment.

Pockets: Detachable hip belt pocket. Detachable lid, which also can be used as an extra inner pocket, or as a chest rig. Inner pocket for avalanche equipment.

Hip belt: Detachable hip belt with large equipment loops. Detachable hip belt pocket.

Additional functions: Safety whistle. Adjustable and detachable sternum strap. Grab handle. Aluminum buckles for extra durability. Glove friendly buckles and zipper pullers. Key hook. Two attachment points for ice axe and hiking poles. Two pieces ski straps are provided with the pack, ski can be fastened both diagonally and in A-frame. Large equipment loops on hip belt. Double compression straps. YKK zippers.


  1. Safeback SBX

Safeback SBX

Safeback SBX is an active air supply system designed to keep avalanche and tree well victims breathing during burial. The system uses the air in the snowpack as the victim’s air supply, continuously pumping it up through an intake in the backpack and delivering it through hoses in the shoulder straps. The system is activated using a T-shaped handle on the shoulder strap and supplies breathable air for 90 minutes.

Snow is composed of two key ingredients: ice and air. But for avalanche victims, much of the air in the snowpack isn't available to breathe. Safeback SBX is designed to continuously retrieve fresh air from the snowpack surrounding the user's backpack, delivering it up to their breathing area. This supplies them with fresh air to inhale and pushes the CO2 they exhale away from their face.

ATTENTION! To ensure optimal function in a critical situation, please read the accompanying user manual carefully. To install the SBX unit correct on backpack, please follow our instructional video.


  1. Dyneema®


Nylon 66 with Dyneema ripstop. Together with our partners Dong Jin and DSM Dyneema, we spent 2.5 years developing a perfectly balanced ripstop fabric. Made with a blend of carefully selected Nylon 66 and Black Dyneema yarns, with PFAS free water repellency. The Dyneema ripstop represents a perfect combination of low weight/cost and high tear-/tensile-/abrasion resistance.

Fabric is bluesign® APPROVED.

PFAS free DWR treatment: Avoiding harmful chemicals for water-repellent finishing.


  1. PFAS-free


All our products marked with the PFAS-free logo use a water repellent treatment that is free of PFAS substances.

PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) is a group of more than 10.000 substances also known as fluorocarbons. They build up in nature as they do not degrade. In greater concentrations, they are proven to pose a hazard to both human health and the environment.

PFAS has been common to use for the so-called “Durable Water Repellent” finish (DWR): It means that water bounces off the surface rather than being absorbed by the fabric and making it wet. Using PFAS has been an effective treatment to achieve a durable water repellency for waterproof fabrics, but also other applications like ski waxes or food packaging.

Since these chemicals have shown to be harmful for both people and the environment, Bergans is working to phase out all fabrics containing PFAS finish and replace with more environmentally friendly, PFAS-free treatments. All the membranes we use are already free for PFAS. You can read more on PFAS and how we work to eliminate these.

A significant part of the challenge of using alternatives to PFAS lies in the lower durability of these water repellent solutions. That means that using a waterproof garment with a PFAS-free finishing requires you to re-impregnate these more often than before, to achieve a good water-repellent functionality also over time and after many washes. Anyhow, please always consider where and when it’s necessary to reduce environmental impact.

More info on how to wash and reimpregnate.

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