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Our model is 179 cm tall and is wearing size S
100 % WoolClassic

Nordmarka Merino High Neck Jumper Women

Made from 100% RWS certified merino wool
High neck design for enhanced warmth
Female version with side slits for a relaxed look
Dark Shadow Grey
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Warm and comfortable high neck jumper knitted from 100% RWS certified merino wool, designed for enhanced warmth and comfort.


Nordmarka Merino High Neck Jumper is a comfortable and warm jumper knitted from 100% RWS certified merino wool yarn (Responsible Wool Standard) with minimum itch. As the name says this jumper is designed with a high neck for enhanced warmth and comfort.The female version is designed with side slits for a relaxed look . A perfect choice for anyone who easily get cold, but still want to enjoy those chilly, crisp days and nights outside.

Made for

  1. Hiking

Also great for

  1. Lifestyle


Sizes: XS-XL

Fit: Regular fit.

Weight: 643 g

Material: 100% Wool (Merino)

Fabric details: 100% Wool (Merino)

Nordmarka Merino High Neck Jumper belong to the Nordmarka Collection – a series inspired by our classics, combining traditional and modern design in a natural way. Its classic look and feel is stronger than ever, and the use of more sustainable materials are significant. These durable products are designed for all kinds of everyday micro adventures, both in nature and in the city. They provide good technical performance and have an optimal fit that ensures top comfort. If you want to meet nature with a smaller impact, the Nordmarka range is here for you.

Additional features: Comfortable ribbed bottom of the sleeves and body. Side slits at bottom hem.


  1. RWS - Responsible Wool Standard

RWS - Responsible Wool Standard

For our woolen baselayer program we are implementing the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). This is a voluntary global standard that addresses the welfare of sheep and of the land they graze on. Our Inner Series is already fully certified against the RWS Standard – guaranteeing that we only use responsibly produced wool for these products.

The goals of the RWS are to support and promote the best practices of farmers; ensuring that wool comes from farms with a progressive approach to managing their land, and from sheep that have been treated responsibly.

All certified partners and all steps in the supply-chain, including Bergans, are being controlled and re-certified by a third-party organization each year. This is our guarantee that animal welfare is maintained and taken care of throughout the whole supply chain.

The RWS is an independent, voluntary standard. On farms, the certification ensures that sheep are treated with respect to their five freedoms and also ensures best practices in the management and protection of the land. Certification ensures that wool from certified partners is properly identified and tracked.

Key Points in the RWS standard:

  • Protecting Animal Welfare: The Five Freedoms of sheep are protected at all times.
  • Preserving Land Health: protecting soil health, biodiversity and native species.
  • Supply Chain Traceability: The identity of the wool is maintained from farm to final product.
  • Credible Certification: A professional, third party audits each stage in the supply chain.
  • Confident Communication: Only products with 100% certified wool may carry the RWS logo.
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Nordmarka is a collection of outdoor favorites made from modern materials. Here you will find classic outdoor clothing that breathes well, provides full comfort, and has a wide range of uses. Nordmarka is designed for hiking, but with its understated and classic design, the garments can also be worn for everyday use.

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