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Slingsby Ultra Lady Jacket

This is a product catalog, purchasing is currently available in Norway, Sweden and Germany.


The Slingsby Ultra is made of a mixture of traditional and modern fabrics for active mountaineering. Windproof, plant-based Ecodear® fabric with PFAS-free WR offers better protection from the elements. Intelligently placed pockets allow access even when using a climbing harness or carrying a backpack, and the pockets also work as ventilation when opened. To retain the clean lines and prevent the cords from interfering with the climbing harness or when carrying a backpack, the jacket has a concealed one-hand elastic drawstring at the hem accessed via the front pockets. To keep the weight down, the zips and threads on this garment have been carefully considered and chosen for their low weight.

Made for

  1. Ski Touring and Mountaineering

Also great for

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Hiking


Sizes: XS-XL

Weight: 200 g

Material: Fabric 1: 100 % Polyester, 30 % Plant-based Ecodear® Polyester fabric 2: 100% Polyester

Fabric details: Windproof, plant-based Ecodear® polyester with PFAS-free WR. Stretch fabric with high wicking ability on the back. Low weight and minimal packing volume.

Hood: Fixed hood, climbing helmet compatible with concealed adjustment at the back.

Pockets: Front pockets in mesh for optimum breathability and ventilation. The design ensures that the front pockets don’t interfere with a climbing harness or the hip belt when carrying a backpack. The jacket can be folded into one of the front pockets in order to achieve minimum packing volume. Double mesh in compression pocket ensures that all parts of the jacket are contained. The double mesh also functions as a small pocket inside the front pocket.

Ventilation: Ventilation in the back, and through open pockets.

Additional features: Articulated elbows for increased freedom of movement. Velcro wrist adjustment on sleeves. Concealed one-hand elastic drawstring at hem via front pockets. Zippers and threads in this garment have been carefully selected for their low weight. Extended back. Reflective details.


  1. PFAS-free


All our products marked with the PFAS-free logo use a water repellent treatment that is free of PFAS substances.

PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) is a group of more than 10.000 substances also known as fluorocarbons. They build up in nature as they do not degrade. In greater concentrations, they are proven to pose a hazard to both human health and the environment.

PFAS has been common to use for the so-called “Durable Water Repellent” finish (DWR): It means that water bounces off the surface rather than being absorbed by the fabric and making it wet. Using PFAS has been an effective treatment to achieve a durable water repellency for waterproof fabrics, but also other applications like ski waxes or food packaging.

Since these chemicals have shown to be harmful for both people and the environment, Bergans is working to phase out all fabrics containing PFAS finish and replace with more environmentally friendly, PFAS-free treatments. All the membranes we use are already free for PFAS. You can read more on PFAS and how we work to eliminate these.

A significant part of the challenge of using alternatives to PFAS lies in the lower durability of these water repellent solutions. That means that using a waterproof garment with a PFAS-free finishing requires you to re-impregnate these more often than before, to achieve a good water-repellent functionality also over time and after many washes. Anyhow, please always consider where and when it’s necessary to reduce environmental impact.

More info on how to wash and reimpregnate.

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