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Scandinavian Outdoor Award


Made with Spinnova fabrics and recycled post-consumer materials
100% recyclable and can be converted into new Spinnova material
Limited availability, with high demand and limited stock
Vanilla White
This is a product catalog, purchasing is currently available in Norway, Sweden and Germany.
The world's first outdoor anorak made with Spinnova fabrics, using recycled post-consumer materials and 100% recyclable.


The world’s first outdoor anorak made with Spinnova fabrics - including recycled post-consumer materials from the first product launched in The Collection of Tomorrow. The anorak is 100% recyclable and can, in its entirety without any need for disassembly, be converted into new Spinnova material. A very limited number of Anoraks were available for preorder. The first batch sold out in a couple of hours and we only have a few left of the second batch.

Made for

  1. Hiking

Also great for

  1. Lifestyle


Sizes: XS–XL The anorak is an oversized unisex model. Women should size down 1 size (XS anorak is a normal women's S).

Weight: 706 g

Fabric details: To make the fabric more weather-resistant, it is treated with Halley Stevenson's latest innovation, EverWax Olive. An all-natural plant-based treatment using a blend of olive oil, rapeseed, and castor beans. The treatment gives the fabric a performance that is on a par with traditional paraffin-based waxes. All components are biodegradable and considered vegan friendly. Additionally, the fabric can be re-proofed, extending the lifespan of items made from it. The Anorak is fresh from the factory and quite heavily waxed. We recommend hanging it in a warm room for a week or two to air it out and to let the wax set. Should you desire a lesser waxed finish and to quicken the patina process, the anorak can be machine washed (wool wash, 30’C, mild detergent). Washing will reduce the waterproofness of the anorak.

ProductDescription: Its design inspired by a 1950’s Bergans anorak – modernized with contemporary design lines to provide a unisex shape and the generous oversized look. The folding neck fan opening, and the olive wood toggles used to close it, are inspired by the closure of the Collection of Tomorrow 05.A Backpack.

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