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Urban Wool W Tee

Made from a blend of Merino wool and Tencel
Provides cooling feel in warm weather and warmth in cold weather
Absorbs more than 30% of its own weight before feeling damp
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A versatile shirt made from a blend of Merino wool and Tencel, offering comfort in various weather conditions.


Urban Wool W Tee is made from a Merino wool and Tencel blend, providing a cooling feel against the skin on warm days, and warming in colder weather. Merino wool provides warmth even if it gets wet, and is able to absorb more than 30 % of its own weight before it starts feeling damp.

Made for

  1. Lifestyle


Sizes: XS–XL

Fit: Regular fit.

Weight: 130 g

Material: 70% Wool (Merino), 30% Lyocell (Tencel™)

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