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Stranda V2 Insulated W Pants
Stranda V2 Insulated W Pants
Stranda V2 Insulated W Pants
Stranda V2 Insulated W Pants
Stranda V2 Insulated W Pants
Stranda V2 Insulated W Pants

Stranda V2 Insulated W PantsBlack


About the product

The Stranda V2 Insulated W Pants is an upgrade of our favorite Stranda Insulated W Pants, launched in 2018. It was a tough task, but Read more.

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Womens model
Stranda V2 Insulated W Pants Is also available in Mens model

The Stranda V2 Insulated W Pants is an upgrade of our favorite Stranda Insulated W Pants, launched in 2018. It was a tough task, but we have managed to up the game a notch when it comes to sustainable materials and design methods for the V2. It is “design to repair” which means that it is constructed in a way that makes it easier to repair if the product somehow gets damaged. Stranda V2 Insulated W Pants is based on a mono material concept, meaning its different fabrics and parts are made from the same raw material, in this case almost all parts are made of polyester. This makes it easier to recycle when it is worn out. This product is simply a better resource into the circular system, than a product made of mixed raw material. The V2 is more durable thanks to sturdier outer fabric and improved reinforcement panels. V2 also feature a more athletic fit than its predecessor. Other vise the pants are still designed to keep you warm and dry either you ski on or off the piste. The Bergans Element® Active membrane is windproof, waterproof (water column: min. 10 000 mm) and breathable. The PrimaLoft® P.U.R.E.™ Insulation keep you warm and comfy. Velcro adjustment at the waist makes it quick and simple to fit the pants to whatever base or mid layers you prefer. Ventilation zips placed on the outside of the thighs gives you total control on the air flow at any time. The fixed internal gaiters with friction elastic seals well off around the boots, even during intense off piste skiing. Reinforcements are placed both on the inside and outside of the lower end of the legs to prevent tear from boot buckles.

Stranda V2 Insulated Pants is part of our Stranda range – Our most sustainable ski collection. The entire Stranda collection is made from one yarn, spun from post-consumer waste and colored through the unique SpinDye® process where the use of water and chemicals is significantly reduced. This gives us less consumption of energy during production and leaves the end product with a smaller carbon footprint. By combining the more sustainable Spindye®-colouring method and our wide experience in skiwear, we believe we have found the optimal blend of performance and long-term awesomeness!

2-layer Bergans Element® Active main material with PFAS-free WR. Waterproof (water column: min. 10,000 mm), windproof and breathable properties. Fabric is made from 100% recycled polyester and colored with SpinDye®-technology. Padded with insulating PrimaLoft® P.U.R.E.™. The product contains bluesign® APPROVED insulation and trimmings.

2-way ventilation zip on the outside of the thighs.

Zippered hand pockets.

Additional features
Velcro adjustment in waist. High waist. Belt loops and internal suspender loops. Tailored knee sections. Reinforcement at the bottom of the pant leg, and extra reinforcement inside leg for protection against tear from ski boots buckle. Panel construction in crotch for less friction and chafing at thigh area.

Long live the product
We want our products to live as long as possible. If one of our products should need a repair, it is possible to send it to us. Please find more info on repair and our service at Customer Service.

Fixed gaiter with friction elastic.

Fabric:2-layer Bergans Element Active®: 100% Polyester (Recycled)
Insulation:PrimaLoft® P.U.R.E.™: 100% Polyester (Recycled)
Fill weight:60 g/m²
Weight:685 g (size M)

Bergan Element Active®

Fully windproof and waterproof, while providing high breathability and comfort.

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bergans element active

Solution Dyeing is a more sustainable coloring method which reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional dyeing processes. By adding the color pigments much earlier in the production process the use of water and chemicals is significantly reduced, which in turn means less energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. For traditional dyeing methods the fiber is produced first and then the color is added much later in the process. This requires a lot of water and chemicals, which means energy and water consumption is much higher. Solution dyeing means adding the color pigment earlier in the manufacturing process, when the polyester is just little pellets. Once these pellets are colored, they are melted and turned into fibers, which are then spun into yarn. According to our supplier We aRe Spindye® their method of coloring reduces water usage by 75%, chemical usage by 90%, energy consumption by 25% and CO2 emissions by 30% compared to traditional dyeing. These claims have been audited and validated by Swedish research organization RISE.

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Solution Dye

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