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More sustainable outdoor experiences

We aim to inspire and enable sustainable outdoor experiences through partnering with people and communities influenced by our business.

DNT Turpartner

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) is Norway's largest outdoor organization with more than 300,000 members. The organization consists of 57 member associations with associated local societies. The DNT works to promote simple, active, versatile and environment-friendly outdoor life and to conserve nature and cultural assets.

Bergans and the DNT are not just joint venture partners - we are hiking buddies and partners. By supporting DNT Alpine Mountaineering it is our aim to get as many people as possible out walking and enjoying nature and the outdoor life, as well as to help most people to experience some great trips.

Proper clothing is a prerequisite for good outdoor experiences under the sometimes challenging conditions in the Norwegian mountains. Communication with the Trekking Association and the organization's members provides Bergans with important feedback that contributes towards creating the best possible equipment for trekking in the forests and mountains.

Bergans offers products to the employees, representatives, travel guides and voluntary workers at DNT. Bergans also has its own clothing collection designed for DNT Alpine Mountaineering.

Friluftsfrämjandet clothing partner

Swedish outdoor organization Friluftsfrämjandet

Bergans is the official clothing partner for Friluftsfrämjandet

Bergans and Friluftsfrämjandet share a more than 100 year-old history with similar values and the same vision to inspire and enable outdoor experiences and an active lifestyle. Our cooperation started in 2014.

Friluftsfrämjandet offer Swedens biggest range of outdoor activities and an active outdoor lifestyle for everybody. Friluftsfrämjandet has more than 80 000 members and 8 000 guides for e.g. childrens activites, ski, kayak, ice skating, hiking, bike or alpine activities.

EOCA - European Outdoor Conservation Association

Bergans is a member of the industry initiative European Outdoor Conservation Association (eoca). Vi support their work on funding different projects for conservation of natural habitats and biodiversity.

Founded in 2006, the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) raises money from the European outdoor industry to preserve and protect the natural and wilderness environments we depend on. There are currently 130 members in the association. Since its inception, EOCA has raised over € 1,54 mil – Every last cent of which has gone directly to on-the-ground conservation projects, chosen by its members and the general public.


Bergans was one of EOCAs first members, and has supported the organization with funding and active participation each year. We were awarded EOCA Conservation Champion in 2013. Polar explorer Rune Gjeldnes, is an official EOCA Ambassador.

For this year EOCA has decided to focus its work on projects working with plastic pollution. Read more on EOCAs webpage

Mountain People

Mountain People is an organization started by mountain enthusiasts from Norway for more than 30 years ago, to enable mountain people in Nepal to help themselves.

Mountain People

- Helping mountain people to help themselves

An independent, non-profit, non-political, non-religious and cross cultural organization registered in Nepal. Originally consisting of mountain enthusiasts from Norway helping mountain people in Nepal to help themselves, the organization now has members from over 30 countries. Many of those receiving support fund and manage their own projects along Mountain People guidelines – in Nepal and in other mountain countries.

Mountain People has completed over 500 grass-root projects in Nepal during the last 30 years – based on a simple philosophy: “We provide the materials, you do the work!”

Bergans is supporting the efforts of Mountain People to build schools and offer essential health care in Nepal. We also meet all administrative costs (in Norway and Nepal), so that income generated and donations received go 100% to the designated project.


Bergans supports iCare:-)

32 million people in the world are needlessly blind. The majority of them live in poor countries in Africa and Asia. These countries do not have public health services offering surgery or treatment that could give these people their sight back.

iCare:-) is the Norwegian Association of the Blind’s contribution to achieve the goals of the Vision 2020 initiative. Vision 2020 is a global initiative to eliminate all preventable and treatable causes of blindness by the year 2020.


The vision is an initiative of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IABP) and is being run as a project in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO). A number of voluntarily organisations throughout the world are associated with the project through the IABP. Through iCare:-) and the Norwegian Association of the Blind, Bergans is helping to reach this goal by focusing on Nepal.

By supporting iCare since 2014, more that 1.000 people in Nepal have got back their eyesight.