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Allround Warm Merino Cushioned Sock

Exceptional insulation and cushioning.
The warmest option in our range of technical wool socks.
66% Wool (Merino), 31% Polyamide, 3% Elastane.
This is a product catalog, purchasing is currently available in Norway, Sweden and Germany.
The Allround Warm Merino Cushioned Sock is our warmest technical wool sock. It offers exceptional insulation, comfort, and support for colder weather. Features full-terry construction, seamless toe, elastic bands, non-slip hem, reinforced zones, strategic padding, and moisture-wicking ventilation for dry, comfortable, and unrestricted movement.


Allround Warm Merino Cushioned Sock is the warmest option in our range of technical wool socks. Engineered with precision and care, these socks are designed to keep your feet warm, comfortable, and supported in colder weather. The full terry sock construction offers exceptional insulation and cushioning throughout the entire sock, ensuring that your feet stay cozy and protected. Seamless toe closure technology eliminates discomfort and pressure points. Experience a secure and comfortable fit with the elastic bands and long non-slip hem, which prevent annoying slippage and ensure your socks stay in place throughout your activities. Reinforced stressed zones and strategically placed padding ... in the heel, sole, and toe sections provide extra support and shield against blisters, even during the most challenging treks. Ventilation sections enhance moisture-wicking, keeping your feet dry and comfortable, while the cleverly designed instep section accommodates the shape and mobility of your foot, providing unrestricted movement and superior comfort. Don't let cold weather stop you from enjoying nature, choose the Allround Warm Merino Cushioned Sock.
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  1. Hiking

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Sizes: 35-37, 38-40, 41-43, 44-47

Weight: 106 g

Material: 66% Wool (Merino), 31% Polyamide, 3% Elastane

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