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Y LightLine

Y LightLine is our new top-level product line designed for rapid mountain hikes and high-output outdoor activities which covers larger distances and a large span in altitude. ​

By using ultra-lightweight materials that offers extra ordinary breathability and first-class comfort, these products is built to delight the experienced outdoor fan who seeks maximum performance in the fewest kilograms possible.

One step further.

Y LightLine Air 3L Shell Jacket

Y LightLine Air 3L Shell Jacket is an ultra-lightweight and highly breathable 3-layer shell jacket designed for rapid hikes and high-output outdoor activities.


Y LightLine Pure Windbreaker Jacket

Weight: 97 g (size S)


Bega Membrane Breathe Pro™

Top performing, ultra-lightweight and super packable shell construction. Bega Membrane Breathe Pro™ is developed and tested to serve you great weather protection and superior breathability during activities like fast hiking, trail running and other high-output adventures. Because of its ultra-low weight and high packability, garments utilizing Bega Membrane Breathe Pro™ technology are ideal as backup clothing for any adventure, to protect when the weather suddenly changes.

Outer fabric – Super light, highly breathable, packable, WR-treated, Bega Membrane – Highly waterproof, windproof, super breathable, Backing fabric – Highly breathable, packable, and protective.