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Get ready to enjoy summer 2024 in the mountains! Tind by Cecilie Skog features advanced technical clothing for female mountaineers designed in partnership with professional mountain-lover Cecilie Skog. Here you’ll get durability and technical performance in harsh condition. Tind will be fully launched this spring, but we are glad to be able to offer you some goodies already now.

20 years of adventure with Cecilie

In 2024, Cecilie Skog, one of Norway's most famous mountain climbers and adventurers, has been part of the Bergans family for 20 years. Bergans has followed Cecilie to the very ends of earth, an adventure which includes life's biggest ups and toughest downs. In return, we have gained unique knowledge and insight, and sewn it right into our products. Thanks for the adventures so far, Cecilie. There is many more to come.



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