Länge leve produkten

Ju längre en produkt kan användas innan den kasseras desto bättre för miljö och människa - en viktig del i vårt hållbarhetsarbete!

Vi arbetar även aktivt med att ge konsumenterna goda tips och råd om korrekt tvätt och underhåll av produkterna.

Find the right product

Find the right product

The longer a product is in use, the more sustainable it will be.

To be able to enjoy your product for a long time, it must satisfy your needs. It is important that you choose the right product for your type of usage. That's how you can avoid dealing with products that will rarely be used - which is neither good for you nor the environment!

We are happy to help you find a product with the right performance and fit for your purposes. Good and detailed product information is key to find the right product.


Do you feel that a Bergans product does not fit as well as it used to? Or have you found a new pair of dream pants that are too long? Most Bergans products can be modified according to your requirements and wishes. Ask our Service team for more help. The benefit is a product that you will love and that will live longer - long live the product

Product rental

Hiring equipment can be a great solution for those who don’t take trips often, for your kids wo still grow each season or for those who would like to test a product before buying it. Good for your wallet and the environment!

We have tents, backpacks and clothing at our flagship store in Oslo for rental. Visit us on your next trip to Norway.


We focus continually on developing quality products with a long service life, while we prolong product life by offering a product repair service.

In the past it was common to repair clothing and equipment that was broken. At Bergans we have kept this tradition until today. Our experienced colleagues in our workshop can repair small or bigger faults at any Bergans product. Each repair executed means a benefit for the environment since the products lifetime gets extended.


We want our products to be out in nature as long as possible. A long product liftime means a more sustainable product, and less use of ressources, like water, energy or chemicals.

In our flagship store in Oslo we sell second-hand Bergans products . These products are functional, but can be used or repaired or due to other reasons not ready to be sold through ordinary channels.


When a product has lost its functionality, we utilize the materials by re-design them into another type of product. We always aim to ensure that the new product will meet an existing need. These products are for the time being only available in Norway.

Redesign products are made of:

  • A product that has lost its function.
  • Parts of a product that is damaged.
  • Leftover materials from production and repair.

A redesigned product should always have a function. We in Bergans regard all textiles as a resource. Worn out textiles should not be disposed as litter.


When a product can no longer be repaired, sold as used or re-sewn into another type of product, we ensure that the materials are further processed and dealt with appropriately. Remember that textiles should not be discarded as residual waste!

Bergans cooperates with the organization UFF, which collects, recycles and re-sells worn clothing and distributes them for charity reasons. All clothing which is not suitable for our own re-sell or re-design programme will be forwarded to UFF, in order to guarantee a new life for those textiles and materials.


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