The Collection of Tomorrow

Time to Wake up!

If we are to solve the challenges of tomorrow, we need to see the opportunities that lie in front of us today. To us, it truly was an awakening to discover the possibilities that lie in Spinnova's groundbreaking material technology.

When launching the Bergans.futurelabs.anorak in a color called Wake Up Orange our message is clear; go explore, seek possibilities, dare to innovate!

Danny Larsen

We are proud to announce that we have brought artist Danny Larsen with us on this launch.  Danny is a former professional snowboarder and passionate about sustainability and circularity.

– I love nature and do everything I can to ensure that my consumption affects mother earth in the smallest way possible. What I like about the The Collection Of Tomorrow is that it uncompromisingly strives to solve one of the biggest challenges of our time, which is how can we reduce our consumption of resources. It represents a totally new way of thinking, says Danny.

This fall, everyone who buys the anorak in the new color will receive a signed print with a Danny Larsen artwork with it.

His hope is that this collaboration can show people that the future is full of opportunities. That new technology in combination with a different mindset, can make the whole difference.

– When we see how the climate is screaming for a change, there is no doubt that we need a new way of doing things. We need to wake up!


The Collection of Tomorrow represents a solution to close the gap that exist in a product’s life cycle – between recycling and new material – making it fully circular.

With the anorak we have proven that it is possible. Now it's all about further developing, scaling up and make it viable.

Get ready for the next step

With the launch of the new Scandinavian Workers shirt, the Collection of Tomorrow enters a new phase. The material quality and softness are far better, and the amount of material is increased by 500%. This means that the Spinnova material is now ready to be used in apparel and that more people can buy a product to join the innovation.

The Collection of Tomorrow represents a possible solution to close the gap that exist in a product’s life cycle – between recycling and production of new material – making it fully circular. We are not saying that we have reached the goal, but we are certainly taking steps to get there.

The Collection of Tomorrow

ATTENTION: Please keep in mind that you are landing on an external page when buying The Collection of Tomorrow and therefore the ordering process is different from ours. This means you will have to pay in norwegian kroner and bear for the return and customs duties yourself.

What’s new in the project?

  • A totally new Spinnova x Bergans product is born; a shirt inspired by European history. Designed by Bergans, cut and sewn by Grinakervev – all in Norway.
  • The material in itself is further developed. We are now able to use a lyocell blend instead of organic cotton.
  • The world leading British fabric finisher, Halley Stevensons, have joined the collaboration. Halley Stevensons has given the Spinnova x Bergans fabric a great touch and feel, so that it now can be used for next-to-skin apparel.
  • Halley Stevensons has also contributed with dyeing of the fabric, which of course is free of harmful chemicals and the fabric is again 100% recyclable.
  • Every bit of the process is scaled up to approach a commercial production – Weaving, finishing, dyeing - have been industrialized.
  • The pool of material has increased by 500% - which means that more people can buy into the Collection of Tomorrow and follow the innovations in close.
  • Because the material pool is way bigger, you don’t have to apply to buy a product anymore. Anyone can now buy a piece from anywhere in the world. With that said, it is probably smart to buy quick.

Imagine if we could make fully circular products using only renewable resources… We can!

A sustainable co-lab

Bergans and Spinnova are working together on a long-term product development collaboration. Spinnova represents a disruptive, ecological innovation that turns cellulose and waste streams into textile fibre simply, without using any harmful chemicals. To our knowledge Spinnova develops the most sustainable fibre in the world.

>> Visit to get to know them better!

Spinnova, Bergans future labs and Halley Stevenspns logos
Spinnova logo

Spinnova’s pure tech

Spinnova’s innovative production technology for cellulose-based textile fibre has the potential to revolutionize the textile industry globally. Production processes of textile fibres from cellulose by using chemical processes have existed for some time. What makes Spinnova’s patented process totally unique, is that it does not use any harmful chemicals, produce any waste or side streams and uses 99% less water and significantly less CO2 emissions than the cotton value chain. The material is also disruptively circular, and products made of it can be upcycled in our process several times, even without dismantling the product.

>> Revolutionary innovations are not explained in two sentences. Visit for the full story!

Take part in the innovation – Join the Future Labs Society

We are still at an early stage in developing this ground-breaking material. Still, we are eager to share it with you and learn from your feedback on how the material behave and perform. When you buy a shirt, you will be encouraged to register your product online. By registering, you will automatically join the Future Labs Society and thereby earn benefits:

  • Opportunity to have the value of the material refunded at any time in return for sending us your product
  • Pre-emptive right on future Spinnova x Bergans products
  • Discount on future Spinnova x Bergans products if you submit your previous product
  • Exclusive insight into Bergans Future Labs' work
  • Opportunity to influence the development of the material and what kind of products we make

This is Halley Stevensons

Halley Stevensons is a world leading British fabric finisher, with a proud history and strong traditions. Their textile journey began as early as 1864 (56 years before Bergans was founded!) originating as a jute weaving mill as part of the industrial revolution. Just like at Bergans, innovation and product development have always been an important driver at Halley Stevensons. In fact, their first patent for 'cleaning and water-proofing textiles' was awarded as early as 1910, and they have kept innovating ever since. In other words, the Halley Stevensons, Bergans and Spinnova collaboration amounts to 286 years of innovation and determination driven by a genuine joy in developing tomorrow's textile materials.

>> Visit Halley Stevensons to dig deeper into their fascinating history and knowledge

Halley Stevensons logo

Why buy?

The Collection of Tomorrow is a project that explores the possibilities that lie in innovative technology and how it can take us closer to a fully circular consumption of textiles.

When you buy a Spinnova x Bergans shirt, it is important that you understand what you actually are buying. Yes, you will own a really nice handmade shirt, but you will also own a small part of the total amount of Spinnova material that exists in the world. The value of the product is therefore divided in two; one part is the value of the work done to shape the material into a garment, and the other part is the value of the material itself. Right now, the material is shaped like a shirt but in the future, it can be recycled and become a completely different product.

A future scenario

Our prediction about the future is that we will not own finished products to the same extent as today. With technologies like Spinnova's, we can rather own a share out of the total amount of material. Imagine that you have a winter jacket that is worn out. When spring comes, you hand it in for recycling and then decide which model you wish for next winter. Your old jacket is then thrown in a large grinder with many other jackets and recycled into new fabric, which is used to sew your new winter jacket. When the autumn comes, you will receive your new jacket and only pay for the recycling and sewing job. Congratulations on your "new" jacket!

ISPO Sustainability Achievement Award

ISPO 2020 Award Winner!

The Collection of Tomorrow by Spinnova x Bergans was awarded the ISPO Sustainability Achievement Award 2020.

We are proud and humbled to be recognized for our efforts towards a more sustainable textile industry.


What makes Spinnova so awesome?


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Are the products made by pure Spinnova material?


Is it really made of wood?


What does FSC certified wood mean?


Is Spinnova a man-made cellulosic?


Is it a nanocellulose / post-consumer waste circulating innovation?


Is it possible to receive a sample of the material?


When will you launch the next product in The Collection of Tomorrow?


I did not get answer to my question, what do I do?



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