Expedition 2020

Bergans lives to let people experience the outdoors. Today and in the future. To ensure that the outdoors we have today will be there for the next generation to enjoy, Bergans is committed to step up efforts, by inspiring actions in our own operations and beyond. The primary goal of the expedition is that by 2020 Bergans will be even more sustainable and be a leading actor in the industry. Expedition 2020 is the name of the sustainability journey Bergans has now embarked on.

The road ahead to 2020 is paved with major and minor goals, as well as secondary goals. Every aspect from resource management at our head office in Hokksund to working conditions and animal welfare in the production chain will be improved. One of our most important undertakings in reducing our environmental footprint is to maintain constant focus on developing high-quality products with a long useful life. The longer the product life, the shorter its overall environmental impact. Our maintenance and repair services help to extend the life of our products.

Responsible Quality

Our goal: 
75% of products made of bluesign® approved fabrics
Bergans is a partner of the bluesign® system, which ensures good management of natural resources and safe working conditions.

Our goal: 
70% products made from more sustainable raw materials
Using more sustainable raw materials such as recycled and plant based synthetic materials significantly reduces the environmental footprint of our products.

Our goal:
100% RDS certified down 2016
The Responsible Down Standard enables third party verification of of the whole down supply chain.

Positive Impacts in the value chain

Our goal: 5 supplier projects a year
Bergans Code of Conduct guides all sustainability work in our value chain. Through dedicated projects, such as improving social dialogue in factories, we drive measurable improvements with our suppliers.

Our goal: All packaging materials from sustainable sources
We can reduce impacts from logistics by choosing recycled and sustainable renewable raw materials for all packaging. We also make sure packaging is recycled after use.

Our goal: Less than 2% air shipment
Reducing climate gas emissions is a strategic issue for us. That’s why we ship as much as possible by boat and minimize airfreight.

Inspire actions

Our goal: Annual sustainability training for all Bergans staff
Building knowledge is key to empower our colleagues, our suppliers and our customers to take sustainable actions.

Our goal: Fulfill our Green Office Commitment
We are Eco-lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn) certified to inspire us to continuously improve our own environmental performance.

Our goal: Verified environmental footprint for Bergans’ products and operations
We maximize product lifespan through guidance on product care and offering repair service. All garments not suitable for sale are sent to our partner Human Bridge for reuse or recycling.

External Investments

Enable people to enjoy the outdoors
Bergans works with DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) and other organisatons to enable people to share “turglede”.
By making the outdoors accessible, more people can enjoy active, healthy livestyles and hopefullyfeel encouraged to help conserve the outdoors.

Promote education & health
Education and health are cornerstones for building healthy societies. Bergans supports Mountain People’s work to build schools and offer basic health services in Nepal and iCare’s work towards Vision 2020 – to eliminate preventable and treatable blindness.

Engage for conservation
Bergans is dedicated to help to stop loss of biodiversity. We are a partner of the EOCA and we support a project called WILD which aims atdocumenting some of the most amazing environments on the planet to inspire more people to engage in conservation.