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Rabot 365 – A climate compensated collection

Our climate compensation in short

  • Climate compensation means that all product related emissions have been calculated and offset via certified offset projects.
  • Together with ClimatePartner, we have calculated all emissions of our Rabot 365 products.
  • We offset all unavoidable emissions by supporting projects related renewable energy in China – our production country for Rabot 365.

Bergans has an extensive responsibility to ensure that the outdoors we have today will be there for the next generation to enjoy. We are committed to step up our green efforts, by inspiring actions in our own operations and beyond.

For the Rabot 365 collection we have reduced the product related emissions by using recycled polyester, polyamide and down. The materials used for packaging are recycled and sourced from local suppliers and the products are transported by boat from China to Europe.

Despite these efforts we realize that super durable and weather protective products like the Rabot 365 represents an unavoidable impact on nature. The entire collection is therefore climate compensated through ClimatePartner.

What does it mean that a clothing collection is climate compensated?

It means that the greenhouse gases that occur during the production and transportation of the clothing have been calculated and offset via certified projects. In addition to avoiding and reducing emissions, offsetting is an important step in comprehensive climate protection.

What is the effect of offset projects?

Offset projects demonstrably reduce greenhouse gases through activities like forestation or renewable energy, thus making an important contribution to fighting global warming. Furthermore, they promote sustainable development in the project countries, for example by improving clean drinking water supplies, expanding local infrastructures, creating jobs, or protecting biodiversity.

To what kind of projects does Bergans contribute?

We offset all unavoidable emissions by supporting projects relating to renewable energy in China, where the production of our Rabot 365 products takes place. Naturally, this is also the place where the majority of emissions occur. Thanks to the ClimatePartner labeling system with IDs (certified by TÜV Austria), you can easily see how and where the emissions are offset by clicking here: 13618-1909-1001

How are the emissions calculated?

The calculation is conducted with the “cradle-to-gate” approach, meaning that the extraction of raw materials, production, packaging, and delivery from the garment producer to Bergans are taken into account. The calculation methodology is based on the “Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard” (GHG Protocol).

How can we be sure that the money goes to the project?

Independent organizations such as TÜV, SGS or PwC verify the exact volume saved. The project operator can finance the project through the sale of certified emissions reductions.


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