1. Ledd:

The joints have minimal inherent insulation.

Exposed sections are therefore insulated with RDS-certified hydrophobic goose down in welded tubes. 

2. Bryst - Dame:

To be able to regulate body temperature, different insulation (PrimaLoft® Gold) thicknesses have been combined.

The women’s jacket has extra insulation on the chest and hips, for example.

2. Bryst - Herre:

To be able to regulate body temperature, we have combined different insulation (PrimaLoft® Gold) thicknesses in strategic locations. 

3. Mage:

Strategic areas require transport of heat and moisture.

With 3-layer Dermizax® NX ventilation, you avoid becoming wet and cold.

4. Hofte - Dame:

The hips and thighs are areas that require extra insulation and have therefore received extra thickness (PrimaLoft® Gold). 

This is bodymapping!

The new Hemsedal collection from Bergans provides a unique temperature regulation! It is called bodymapping, and means that the design and material interact with the body’s own ability to insulate and ventilate – both when you are active on the slopes and sitting still in the lift. It also takes into account that women and men actually get cold in different places.

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