Top view over the forest

EOCA - European Outdoor Conservation Association 

Bergans is a member of the industry initiative European Outdoor Conservation Association (eoca). Vi support their work on funding different projects for conservation of natural habitats and biodiversity.

Founded in 2006, the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) raises money from the European outdoor industry to preserve and protect the natural and wilderness environments we depend on. There are currently 125 members in the association. Since its inception, EOCA has raised over € 1,54 mil – Every last cent of which has gone directly to on-the-ground conservation projects, chosen by its members and the general public.

Bergans was one of EOCAs first members, and has supported the organization with funding and active participation each year. We were awarded EOCA Conservation Champion in 2013. Polar explorer Rune Gjeldnes, member of Team Bergans, is an official EOCA Ambassador.