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Down is a unique material. It keeps heat, transpires well, is light weight and has a long life. Bergans selects only the best quality down in our products – to keep you warm, season after season. High quality and responsible production is part of the sustainability promise we make for all Bergans’ products.

In down production, we have worked for a long time to ensure animals are treated in a humane way and guarantee that practices such as live-plucking or force feeding does not take place and the down is a bi-product from food production.

From 2016 we further strengthen our work by making all Bergans’ down products only contain down that is certified according to the strict requirements of the Responsible Down Standard.

This means every step in the supply chain is audited, from the farms to our warehouse, giving full traceability of where the down comes from.

We want our customers to feel secure that our products will keep them warm AND that they have been produced in an ethical way.

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Bergans of Norway