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Wiglo 6-10 Person TentGreen


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Lots of space and opportunities for panoramic views. Read more.

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Lots of space and opportunities for panoramic views.

A development of the Lavvo’s already good specifications, which uses a much greater share of the floor area. In addition to the traditional middle pole, there are 3 poles stretching the side walls out. This provides more space and enables you to roll up the outer tent on all three bows. The side bows and generous guy lines provide good wind stability. The tent is equipped with ventilators, as well as a large top "hat" which can be adjusted according to the wind direction to obtain optimum ventilation. The outer tent is in light Ripstop/Polyester fabric. The tent can be used only as an outer tent or together with the inner tent. The inner tent is purchased separatly - 6054 Wiglo Inner Tent.

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