Our most sustainable ski collection ever!

Skiing is all about being on track with nature. Finding the perfect line and master it with balance, technique and pure skills. In developing our new range of ski clothing, we have put our pride in finding the optimal balance of production engineering, technical performance and durability. The result is Stranda, our most sustainable ski collection ever, developed in collaboration with We aRe SpinDye®.

Clean colors by We aRe SpinDye®

By combining the clean, traceable Spindye®-colouring method and our wide experience in skiwear, we believe we have found the optimal blend of performance and long-term awesomeness. The entire Stranda collection is made of one yarn, spun from post-consumer waste, coloured through a process where the use of water and chemicals is significantly reduced, which in turn means less energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. The fabrics and thereby the end products are given extra ordinary performance withstanding UV light damage, washing and wear & tear better than what can be achieved with traditional dying.

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Recycled Down

Stranda is design to provide you with lovely warmth and the highest level of comfort. All down garments in this collection is filled with 100% recycled down from Re:Down, a highly innovative supplier that has developed a method by which used down can be collected, cleaned and re-integrated into textile production processes. Re:Down delivers a mix of 600-fill-power goose and duck down reclaimed from cushions, bedding and other used items that can not be resold. It is hypoallergenic and offers the identical performance benefits to virgin down.

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