Stranda W Tights

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Lounge / Bordeaux

USD 90.00
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Stranda W Tights is also available in Herremodell .

Comfy tights developed for skiing, made from 100% recycled polyester. Stranda Tights is part of our Stranda range – The most sustainable ski collection ever. The entire Stranda collection is made from one yarn, spun from post-consumer waste and coloured through the unique SpinDye® process where the use of water and chemicals is significantly reduced. This gives us less consumption of energy during production and leaves the end product with a smaller carbon footprint. By combining the clean, traceable Spindye®-colouring method and our wide experience in skiwear, we believe we have found the optimal blend of performance and long-term awesomeness!

Additional features
Elastic at the waist.

8769 Stranda W Tights

Fabric:100% recycled Polyester
Weight:220 g
(size M)

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