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Multilayer princip!

Children are often out in all kinds of weather, and therefore proper clothing is important so that they do not get cold and wet. At this time of year, it is still a bit cold in the air, and we therefore recommend dressing the children according to the three-layer principle for a while longer. Wool deep inside the body helps to transport moisture away from the skin, as well as insulates when it is cold and cools when it is hot. An intermediate layer, such as fleece or wool sweater, is important for insulation and for the child to stay good and warm. At the very end, the parka will protect against weather, wind and precipitation. This is how you get combined garments with different properties, as well as ensuring good moisture transport and insulation. If you want to read more about the multilayering principle, you can find it here.

Warm and dry children play best 💙