How do you get a good hunting dog?

The hunting dog is the hunter's best hunting buddy. In order to create a good hunting dog, there are several basic factors of key importance. Here are Rune and Randi's best tips!

Choice of puppy
Instinct, temper and physique are important and decisive qualities when you are choosing a puppy – these are points to pay attention to when you look at the pup's line breeding.

Create predictability and good routines in your dog's daily life.

Clear leadership
Show commitment and pleasure and be consistent when working with your dog – this will help you mold a more cooperative dog.

Basic training
Any good hunting dog must have a certain amount of basic training – “sit” and “here” are two important commands.

Learning and training are about reading your dog's maturity – don’t make any demands on your dog if it doesn't understand what you mean.

A well-trained hunting dog will be much more likely to become a better game finder and hunter.

Energy consumption increases substantially during training and hunting situations compared to maintenance only – so it will be important to use more energy-intensive food during hunting and training periods.

Hunting brings out the best in a dog – which is why it is important to train consciously in hunting arenas in order to develop the best skills in your dog.