Lotten Rapp in ski gear from Bergans

Lotten Rapp

Lotten took part in her first skiing competition as a two-year-old. She then progressed to alpine skiing. She eventually started working as a ski instructor. The older instructors recommended that she try freeriding. She took up freeriding in 2009, participated in her first freeriding competition and won.


“From that moment I knew that this was my thing. I was hooked,” says Lotten. 



Since this time, the Swedish girl from Fränsta has excelled both in Sweden and internationally at the Freeride World Tour. She won, for example, the Freeride World Tour competition in Fieberbrunn in 2015. She has also won the Big Mountain Hochfugen in Austria twice. 


Her “home mountain” is Fränberget, a rather modest facility in Central Sweden. However, she often travels to Åre. Then she prefers to travel by train as it’s eco-friendly.


“It’s a simple and comfortable mode of transport, as well as being better for the environment”.


The reason she loves freeriding and competitions is also quite simple:


“Our competitive arenas are the most beautiful, unspoiled mountains. Skiing down a steep mountainside is good for your mental alertness, too. I also believe we are at the very beginning of the freeriding story, which is really great to be a part of,” she says.


Since 2012, Lotten has also run freeriding camps for girls. It is primarily competitive freeriders who take part, but the waiting lists are long. 


“I am extremely happy that Bergans and I found each other. It’s like we’ve been cast in the same form. Bergans has the same basic values in people, nature and the great outdoors” 


When she’s not skiing in the mountains, Lotten has a number of engagements. As a genuine village girl, she’s not afraid of helping her partner chop logs or plant forests. In addition, she takes part in reindeer herding and slaughtering every year. At home in Fränsta, she also works on developing and extending paths for trail biking.


The girl with the infectious laughter is also engaged in local politics and likes to help others, when she can. Lotten also trained in the field of criminology at university.


Goal for the season:

Keep working towards winning the Verbier Xtreme.