The synthetic insulation material PrimaLoft® Gold provides excellent insulation in relation to its weight and thickness. The patented microfiber structure captures body warmth, creating synthetic insulation which is highly heat-efficient. This fabric is also water repellent and keeps you nicely warm, even when it gets wet – it retains 96 % of its warmth when wet. In addition to its warming properties and soft feel, the insulation has great wicking properties and is compressible. The insulation is bluesign® approved.

PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Eco consists of 70 % recycled materials. The fibers absorb very little moisture so the insulation feels drier and warmer, even under wet conditions. At the same time the microfibers wick moisture away from the body so that it does not feel clammy. The insulation has an excellent heat-to-weight ratio, making it light and easy to pack. It also feels soft when you are wearing it. The insulation is bluesign® approved.

PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation WITH 4FLEX
PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation with 4flex has incredible 4-way stretch and recovery for an insulation that moves with you. Designed for uncompromised movement and flexibility in all directions. PrimaLoft® brand have a proprietary water-repellent treatment for immediate warmth without the bulk that keeps you comfortable in wet weather. PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation with 4flex is soft and breathable with a durable, lightweight and pack-friendly design that is specifically design for active use.

PrimaLoft® Silver INSULATION Down Blend
Ultimate hybrid of 40 % PrimaLoft® ultra-fine fibers and 60 % water-repellent down. Absorbs less moisture from the start so you stay drier and warmer. Low weight and minimal packing volume. All the warmth you need with maximum freedom of movement, as warm as 650 fill power down. It`s breathable and keeps you from being cold or clammy. bluesign® approved insulation.

PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation active
PrimaLoft® Gold Active is designed to regulate your comfort level during intense activity. Insulation should trap heat, but when you’re on the move, too much heat can leave you feeling damp and uncomfortable. PrimaLoft® Gold Active with 4-way stretch is engineered to be stable enough to pair with highly breathable stretch shell and liner fabrics. This means excess heat and moisture vapor from aerobic activity exits. The water resistant PrimaLoft® Insulation technology keeps you warm, even when wet, without feeling bulky. bluesign® approved insulation.