Material Descriptions

There are many choices of different materials, and we endeavor to always keep up to date on the options that ensure better environmental performance and any new, innovative materials available. We impose strict requirements to ensure that the materials we use are produced in a responsible and sustainable manner.



Fieldsensor™ is a unique «multilayer» mesh lining. The inside of the lining quickly absorbs moisture from the body, transporting it to the outside of the lining from where it spreads across a largerlarger evaporation surface. This lining dries quicker and feels drier and more comfortable than ordinary linings. Bergans uses Fieldsensor™ as a mesh lining in several of our 2-layer shell products. In addition to absorbing moisture it gives garments a snugger feel.

Products with FIELDSENSOR™

Technical fiber

Extremely lightweight, simple jersey with Air Bridge technology and excellent wicking properties. Byokan’s wicking properties and diffusion area are twice as effective as those used in ordinary Fieldsensor™. This material keeps your skin dry, is highly durable and feels soft and smooth.


Outer fabric

Technical wool