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Vi har fått nye nettsider. Har du handlet av oss før må du trykke på glemt passord for å få tilgang til mine sider. Har du ikke handlet av oss før må du først registere deg.

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A new year-round collection

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Our most sustainable ski collection ever!

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Oslo Wool Loosefit W Jacket

Our favourite jacket from the Oslo-collection ♥ Made of recycled wool materials.🍁

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Down Jackets

Keep warm with a down certificate Down Jacket

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Rain jackets and pants

If you commute to work, are outside playing with children or just love being out in the rain.

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Rabot 365 collections – no matter the weather

Durable hiking gear that lasts

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Bergans is staffed by dedicated outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about doing their bit to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy country pursuits and make the most of the great outdoors all year round, whatever the weather. Our Hiking & Outdoor products are designed for perfect performance in every outdoor activity. Our hiking and outdoor garments are made from superior quality, high-durability materials. The products in this category are designed to provide weather protection, insulation and ventilation. The multilayering principle is all-important in dressing for hiking and other expeditions, and we offer innermost to outermost garments. Features and details such as pockets, zips and fit adjusters are carefully considered and positioned for each individual style.

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Bergans of Norway