How to dress according to the layering principle

Photo: Fredrik Schenholm

The Norwegian environment has a thousand faces. It is important to dress correctly in order to comply with both summer and winter conditions. Read our tips on how you should dress to stay warm and to regulate your body temperature; dress according to the layering principle.


Base layer

The base layer must keep you warm and wick moisture away from your body. The garment should be of wool or synthetic fiber and should fit very close to your body.

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The second layer of clothing should insulate and be suitable for low activity levels, breaks and particularly cold days. The mid-layer can be made from wool or fleece.

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Outer layer

The outer layer must be windproof and wick away moisture. It is also beneficial if these garments are waterproof, for example, Dermizax®, Bergans Element Active® or Bergans Element®.

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Extra insulation

Windproof garments with down or synthetic filling can be worn during breaks, low activity levels or extreme weather conditions. These are easy to put on or take off under the outer garment and provide maximum warmth.

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Regulate body temperature

The head and neck are the body parts that experience most heat loss. Up to 50 % of the total heat loss from your body is from this area. A great way of regulating your body temperature when walking is to put on or take off your hat, or open the neck of your garments to release any surplus heat. Outer jackets and pants often have zip vents under the armpits and along the legs that can be opened and closed as needed.

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